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About Stacey Toibin

My business model is much different from your typical Realtor. My main focus is on my clientele and not on a specific area or neighborhood. My life’s passion has always been animals. Specifically, their right to be protected, respected and lovingly cared for by humans. To live a life free from abuse, neglect, worry or harm. To live out a full, natural life inherent to their species. Most of my clients share a similar view and passion.
When I became a licensed Realtor in 2016, I built this passion into my business model. For every home sold or rented, I donate 10% of my commission to an animal welfare organization of my client’s choice. The business of real estate provides for an unpredictable schedule, so this is a way for me to consistently give back and support animal welfare. What I did not foresee, was what a wonderful experience this would be for my clients and me post-closing. Knowing that we were able to provide crucial medical care, food, supplies, training, etc. for even one animal in need is a great gift for us and something we will always share. I am happy to say that many of my clients have become very good friends after this experience.
I also understand and respect the unique needs of animal lovers. Many have pets with special needs, fosters that come and go, or pets that have to be separated. Whatever it may be, I hear those needs loud and clear, understand their importance and work to find a solution.
But, love for animals alone does not a great Realtor make! Thankfully, I happen to have some other skills that balance the equation. My background is in digital marketing. I was an eCommerce Marketing Manager for Crate & Barrel (The Land of Nod) and The Bradford Group. I instituted marketing strategy and processes for their ecommerce businesses which included email, social media, organic search, content, product placement, promotions and pricing. A home is a product and your first showing is always online. I know how to access, read and analyze backend data. I can strategically target the likely buyer for your home. I will position your listing with optimized content, professional photography, cutting edge technology and strategic pricing to get maximum exposure to your buyer audience so that we sell your home quickly and for top profitability. Here are the results that I get for me sellers:
Average List Price to Sale Price Ratio
ME: 98%

Average Market Time
ME: 33 days
Real Estate Markets are hyper-local and ever changing, so it is important to be able to run the numbers and analyze the current market at any given time. The answers lie within the data, and I am able to pull the information, analyze it and determine a clear action plan for your sale or purchase. This is key in the negotiation process as we are always able to back up our offers or counter offers with real data.
I have lived in 16 cities throughout the North Shore, Northwest and Western Suburbs plus 6 different Chicago neighborhoods. Some have been “home”, and some have not. I moved around a lot as a child and I know the importance of that search for “home”. First, home is found in the ones you love. It is not just a place to live and go to sleep each night. Not every house will feel like home for everyone. It has to be right for you and you have to “feel” it. This is the part where numbers and data don’t matter. Gut instinct is also a powerful skill and tool, and it is very important to take seriously.
Most importantly in my duties to you as your Realtor is communication and honesty. I always default to over-communication unless you tell me otherwise. Every client will hear from me a minimum of once a week. Usually more, as we are mostly looking at a month timeframe for sellers and there is normally more to discuss each week. Buyers can be daily as I start each morning looking for new listings and searching the private market for your dream home. I will always be honest with you, good news or bad. It is my job and my duty to advise you and guide you through this process with full transparency and honesty. Telling you what you need to hear, even if it is not what you want to hear, is the only way to achieve a successful outcome for you.
Guiding you through the process includes access to my team of proven and trusted service providers which include; lenders, attorneys, inspectors, contractors, cleaning services, movers, stagers, etc. It can be daunting to start from scratch in trying to find them on your own during this process.
When I am not helping my clients, I love spending time with my rescue babies. I have an 8-year-old Pitbull named Zeus who rescued me when he was 2. He was a foster fail because I needed him more than he needed me. We currently live in Barrington, IL, where Zeus is a pretty popular guy downtown as a frequent alfresco diner at the restaurants. My cat, “The Dr.”, has made it to the ripe old age of 19 and is still going strong! I am vegan and an avid animal activist. I participate in vigils and demonstrations to defend animal rights and educate others to their treatment and suffering. I also advocate for animals through government and political actions.